A founder is a founder when he founds something!

At the end of 2016 I found myself at a table in an inn with another founder. Both quite different in almost everything, we recognized exactly this as an advantage. The only thing we have in common: founder genes! Result: We founded a joint company that deals with mobile marketing. A great idea from my business partner had already led to a working solution. In the years that followed, we turned it into a small company that fed both of us and won great customers. Now we are still on a growth course and both work hard every day to continue our success. Passcreator is our baby who we help every day to become better and better.

A fucked up story about food

I love to eat. I love to vary recipes and try new ones. Nobody is alone with this eagerness. One day I met another connoisseur. He told me again and again about this incredible, unique grill sauce. A recipe from his father. I said, don’t tell, do! Then he presented the sauce to me and I was allowed to try it. Sensational taste! Clear thing! Soon the idea was born to turn it into a business idea. Almost as quickly everything was there. A product name, a manufacturer, a team. What I couldn’t count on was that the potential business partner obviously had no desire for entrepreneurship overnight. A character problem. Since the original recipe came from him, I could not continue the idea. At least not in business. Privately I make again and again these wonderful ribs with “Der Echten”.