Due Passi Bistro

Das Ende einer Ära

Das Due Passi schloß zum 31.12.2020 für immer seine Pforten. Dahinter steckte nicht die Pandemie und auch sonst keine wirtschaftlichen Beweggründe. Es war einfach an der Zeit.

Eröffnet wurde das Due Passi von Gerlinde und Uschi im April 1996 und wurde über die Zeit zu einem Zuhause von Genießern und Liebhabern italienischer Gastfreundschaft und von Pasta. Pasta in fast jeder Form und Farbe. Jeden Tag gab es neue Tagesgerichte aus allen Regionen des Stiefels.

Im Due Passi wurden aus Gästen Stammgäste, Freunde, Familie. Ganze Generationen wuchsen hier auf, kamen und gingen. Ein Zuhause für viele auf Zeit. Fast 25 Jahre sind eine gefühlte Ewigkeit, daher werden alle aus dem Team diese Zeit nie vergessen.

Bleibt alle gesund und munter und erinnert euch mit uns an die Zeiten. Zurück kommen werden diese nicht. Schließt die Augen und schmeckt die Erinnerung. Hört die Stimmen und atmet die Atmosphäre. Einmalig war es im Due Passi. So wird es bleiben. Für immer. In den Köpfen.

Arrivederci cari
Gerlinde und Ihr ehemaliges Team grüßen Euch!
“salutant vos de pristini”

A founder is a founder when he founds something!

At the end of 2016 I found myself at a table in an inn with another founder. Both quite different in almost everything, we recognized exactly this as an advantage. The only thing we have in common: founder genes! Result: We founded a joint company that deals with mobile marketing. A great idea from my business partner had already led to a working solution. In the years that followed, we turned it into a small company that fed both of us and won great customers. Now we are still on a growth course and both work hard every day to continue our success. Passcreator is our baby who we help every day to become better and better.

meetemily trailer – never published – a “fucked up” start up

I co-produced a short promotional video for a website concept that never went live, because the team didn’t find a proper way to found the start up. Nevertheless the making of the video was fun and worked out for the target set. We did the concept in a day, found the cast in another, organised the set and location within a week. The shooting itself was done also in one day only. The post went through unbelievable 6 weeks! Not to mention the weeks in between wasting time in discussing unnecessary perfection. But, I will do it again. As an optimist, there is no other way. 😉

A Fucked Up Story about digital heritage!

In 2016 I began to think about the subject of digital inheritance. Since there was little or nothing that made sense, I thought about taking the whole thing into my own hands. In the first attempt I found an old acquaintance, a very good developer, who seemed to burn for the topic and wanted to found it. After a very good start he was suddenly gone. So not physically, but disappeared from the Start Up. And that without a word of explanation. The other comrades couldn’t explain it either. Later it turned out that it was a pure ego problem.

I didn’t want to give up and found a new team. We brought everything forward again. Organized a very successful and large conference with over 300 participants, reaction from politics and business. We were promoted and supported wherever possible. But also here nobody expected the ego situation of three out of five team members. Short and sweet, the momentum evaporated.

Then I told again and again on demand that the topic was already finding its way, until recently I should be right I thought, but too short thought. A very well known professional entertainer, whom I appreciate very much, both humanly and professionally, could not find the time to found a company. We have become friends in the short phase, but the digital legacy falls by the wayside.
What’s interesting is that a lot is currently happening in this area out there. But still hardly anyone offers what our project could have achieved. Maybe we were just too early?

Surely it was the wrong people I had met. With the exception of one, with whom I founded successfully.

Project – Mach deine Zukunft – Ausgezeichnet

I am proud to have been part of this moving project. Working with the young people and the teachers was a lot of fun. Only through this creativity and courage could we help in the realization of the film.

I am all the more pleased that the project was awarded the Thuringian Future Prize 2017.

Watch the film …and a making of!

The website can be found  here

Judge’s Comments

“Jugendlich und ansprechend bezieht die Kampagne die Zielgruppe nicht nur mit ein, sondern auch direkt an und vereint die verschiedenen Kanäle miteinander. Super geworden!”

“Ein tolles Projekt, welches die Kinder auf gekonnte Weise integriert. Das Schönste daran ist die Zusammenarbeit mit Profis und die Umsetzung auf Augenhöhe. Man könnte beim nächsten Mal auch die Umsetzung im Social Media Bereich mit einplanen, da gerade junge Zielgruppe dort sehr aktiv ist und die Aktion auch selbst damit in der Zielgruppe teilt und seinesgleichen sensibilisiert.”

“Eine Klasse Idee und eine tolle Kampagne.”

“Der Zielgruppe entsprechend strategisch gut aufbereitete Initiative, die sich mit einem recht sensiblem Thema befasst. Von der Begleitung, bis hin zur Kommunikation des Projekts zielführend durchdacht und organisiert. Lediglich die Website hätte ein wenig spektakulärer aufgebaut werden können (Im Footer-Bereich sind die genutzten Content-Elemente unpassend gewählt).”

“Schöne Idee und gut für die Zielgruppe umgesetzt.”

“Schöne Kampagne. Multiplikatoren eingebunden, interessante Projekte und Inhalte, gute mediale Umsetzung, überzeugende Website.”

“Die Marketingkampagne ist hervorragend dafür geeignet, junge Menschen für das Thema Nachhaltigkeit zu begeistern. Die Kampagne überzeugt insbesondere durch das Design und die unterschiedlichen Kommunikationsideen.”

“Sehr gute und soziale Idee und Umsetzung.”

A fucked up story about food

I love to eat. I love to vary recipes and try new ones. Nobody is alone with this eagerness. One day I met another connoisseur. He told me again and again about this incredible, unique grill sauce. A recipe from his father. I said, don’t tell, do! Then he presented the sauce to me and I was allowed to try it. Sensational taste! Clear thing! Soon the idea was born to turn it into a business idea. Almost as quickly everything was there. A product name, a manufacturer, a team. What I couldn’t count on was that the potential business partner obviously had no desire for entrepreneurship overnight. A character problem. Since the original recipe came from him, I could not continue the idea. At least not in business. Privately I make again and again these wonderful ribs with “Der Echten”.