Autodidact by nature! Native creative! Furious curious! Thinker! Maker! Doer! Writer! Entrepreneur! Experienced! Experimental! Finally: Nordisch by nature ūüėČ

You can find me almost nowhere or everywhere. When I’m out, I’m quiet invisible or the most present person in the room.

I can see things. I can hear stuff. I can dream. I can create. I can destroy. I can be.

Sometimes you can hear my voice! Sometimes you can see the track I have left in the room. Shocked? No, not shocked be you must.

From the shores of the North Sea to the foothills of the mountains and from there to the world, my path led me from the cradle. Open on the one hand, stubborn on the other. Always curious. Sometimes eager to learn. From time to time in autopilot mode. Hard to impress. Easy to convince if the arguments are right. Sensual and weird describes me very well.