Book publishing made easy! – Not? Yes!

Book publishing made easy! – Not? Yes!

The Lindworm, Wolpertinger, an Isarnixe – strange creatures that populate Munich and live on in the legends unnoticed by most.
The Alte Peter, the Schöne Turm, the Fausttürmchen – Munich places that are entwined with wondrous legends.
Franz von Stuck, St. Onuphrius, students of the Academy of Arts – historical personalities whose stories have been forgotten or never told.

20 Munich authors embark on a journey into the past, the present and the distant future. In the process, they track down exciting, funny, tragic and disturbing myths.

The book is published in German and I am proud and happy to be one of these 20 authors. A first publication of a fictitious story. It is a pleasure. Furthermore it was and is a great exercise for the upcoming publications.

Available from 19 February 2020

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ISBN: 9783750471849

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